Helping Emotions Heal

Written by Dr. Michael Schlosser and Cynthia Rose Young Schlosser

Dear Participant,

Welcome to the Trauma Healing Facilitators Workshop.

In this workshop we will learn about feelings, where they reside in the body when we are not aware of them, and what to do with them when they come into our awareness day to day.

We will learn that feelings cannot be willed away, or forced to change through intellectualization or medication. Feelings change themselves. They change themselves naturally when they are allowed to flow in an atmosphere of empathy and acceptance.

Feelings are compressed information, much like a zip file on a computer. Opening this zip file is equivalent to the act of flowing, of accepting any feeling and paying attention to it as it flows. The feeling will heal itself, just as the body heals itself when it is wounded and not feeling good. Surprisingly, this does not take much time. Feelings are life force itself. Feelings want to heal themselves as much as you want them to heal. Feelings want to feel good.

Why do our higher selves allow us to suffer? What purpose does this serve? In flowing with wounded feelings, amazing amounts of information from the higher self open up… expanding wisdom, compassion, and the desire to love.

Unlike most feeling models, what you are about to learn includes not only ‘getting out of emotional pain’ but of actually transforming emotional pain into joy and amazing psychological breakthroughs, revealing why our higher selves ‘set us up’ to go through the wounding experiences of our lives.

You will learn to facilitate clearing a unique individual trauma, including the wounded feelings, the negative beliefs about reality that came from that negative experience, and integrating positive beliefs from that experience. The original visual images of the trauma will change as well, from a negative to a positive. Remember that a memory is made up of three things, and all three of these must change for the healing to be permanent. These three are 1]visual images, 2 [feelings, and 3[thoughts or beliefs about reality that came from going through the original wounding experience.

The handouts in this packet are the original writings of Dr. Michael Schlosser, head of the PTSD clinic at the VA Hospital in Tuskegee Alabama up until 1995 when he retired and began to teach the civilian population what he had been teaching the combat vets for years, combat vets who had come to his clinic with the worst possible cases of PTSD. Dr. Schlosser had found a way to self empower the vets, a way to teach them to clear a trauma completely, to go from, in his words, “hell to heaven in one session”.

Included in this workbook are instructions on creating intimacy in couple’s sharing, be this a romantic or married couple, a friendship or business partnership, or deep emotional flowing between members of a family.

In Deep Gratitude,

Rev. Cynthia Rose Young Schlosser

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