Ways of Processing Emotions

Eye Movement in Flowing Emotions

Remember to use eye-movement exercise while letting emotions flow. If necessary,this can be done very privately in public situations by pretending to read a book or look at a monitor. Tune into your feelings and move the eyes left to right and back and forth over and over again at a speed, from very slow to fast, that is comfortable to you.

This works with the eyes opened or closed. Pay attention to the feelings and let the feelings flow and go through their changes, while the memories and the insights come. Eye movement shifts the emotional energy back and forth from one hemisphere of the brain to the other, allowing the energy to process. This is the same technique that the body uses naturally every night in dreaming. By moving the eyes back and forth, right to left to right to left, etc., at any speed slow or fast, the emotional energy is shifted from one brain hemisphere to the other. This allows the psyche to create spontaneous insights and healing images that heal the painful memories as feelings are allowed to flow.

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